Glamping in Ringwood, New Forest


Gypsy Caravan

This unique and beautifully painted gypsy caravan has been built on an original 1930s dray base. It was locally made and painted this summer and has new curtains, upholstery and bedding.


It has a four foot wide double bed with a mattress from John Lewis which can be reached by climbing onto the bench seats. From here guests can look out of the small leaded window. (We area able to provide steps if needed).


This hut is comfortable for two but can be used by a family of four as there is a second bed under the main bed suitable for smaller children (aged approximately 4 - 10 years as it is only 5 feet long). We charge £10 for each younger guest per night and will provide a sleeping bag with integral pillow.


There is a double plug socket which can be used for the fairy lights, a lamp or recharging phones.  (We do provide an LED lantern and light in case you want to read).


There is a small wood burner, which makes the whole hut toasty warm in a few minutes and even after you let it die down, it will continue to keep you warm over night as the gypsy caravan has a modern insulation lining between the green canvas on the outside and the pretty rose fabric which makes up the internal lining.  We provide you with a basket of wood which you can use here or on the chiminea outside as you sit and enjoy the sunset (perhaps even toast marshmallows!). A tray with traditional tea set and a tea pot is set out for you on the cupboard.  We have a beautiful octagonal thatched summer house with decking that overlaps the pond.  There are no fish so it has been naturally colonised by local wildlife including dragonflies, frogs and newts.  There are power points here and you are welcome to make yourself a hot drink or recharge your mobile phones etc.


Our gypsy caravan is snuggled into the wooded area at the end of the garden, close to the fields behind, regularly grazed by deer who have become quite used to us now. We have even seen both fallow and roe deer at the same time.  Guests have sometimes seen a fox or a badger in the field too.


There is a small secluded grassy area outside the caravan with a bench seat and a fire pit. Alternatively, you might choose to sit on the small seats built into the doorway of the gypsy caravan. From here you can peek through the arch to the pond.


Accommodation & Pricing

Gypsy Caravan garden Archway